4 simple rules to promote the youtube channel for your brand


Statistically, YouTube is a global heavyweight Internet traffic, the second after Google. In France, 81% of Internet users go there every day, either for research or for entertainment.

The presence of your brand on YouTube is essential

In the face of the tidal wave of videos posted, it is sometimes difficult to pull out of the game and generate traffic on its own channel. In four simple rules, here’s how.

1 – Storytelling: the art of dreaming

The viewer is an entertainment consumer. However, it seeks to identify with a concept, a brand or a cause. Its favorite themes on YouTube are music, lifestyle, sports, DIY, and comedy. It is these four areas of interest that must be wagered to reach the interest of the YouTube subscriber.

In terms of effective storytelling, the ING Bank of the Netherlands launched its ING Only Football channel just two years ago and already has 127,000 subscribers on its channel.

2 – The Content Strategy: Hero, Help, Hub

Create interesting content is especially to mark a special occasion by an effective video; it’s the Hero strategy. It must produce a milestone event and dazzle the user, once or twice a year. In the manner of ING Only Football, celebrating its 100,000 subscribers.

Create content without a commercial campaign is the Hub strategy. It’s about creating entertaining mini-series: challenges, frequently asked questions, unboxings (filming and unpacking products). These videos should be short and focused mostly on comedy.

The video of the Spanish influencer Roenlared for Coke Tv is a good example of Hub strategy. Creating content where the user learns something is the Help policy. In Germany, Maggi publishes recipe videos with its products. Very pragmatic and playful.

3 – Look after the base of your YouTube channel

The main page is the business card of your brand and your YouTube channel, we must not neglect anything: the link to your website, tags, Encounters or Thumbnails on each video, to optimize its SEO after Google.

4 – To associate with Youtubers

Influencers are the masters of YouTube communication. They are on the lookout for the latest news and are favored if you launch a product on the market. Their audience becomes yours the time of an animation and this strategy is often born with the success of your own chain.