Artist bio: how long should it be if you want it to be read?


You are the designer of an art catalogue and would like to promote it on the web or in magazines? If you don’t have any room for manoeuvre in the latter case, your exposure on the net depends largely on your action.

That’s why many channels offer you interesting ways to disseminate your creation. From social networks to specialized sites, the resources are vast. And for a perfect introduction, you will need to write your artist biography of quality.

This will be the very first image that the press and the public will have of you. However, with the advent of new technologies, the world is much less inclined to spend endless time reading. So here we will see the ideal length for a good catchphrase.

It all starts with a short introduction

You must realize, first of all, that reading on screen is much more tiring for the eye than reading on paper. There are several reasons for this. First of all, studies have shown that we blink much less when we look at a screen.

Second, characters are less easily detached from the background than they are on paper. These are two details you’ll need to think about when you’re writing in order to estimate an adequate length. You should start with a short introduction of about 25 words.

This will help you attract the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. It should therefore be explicit by defining your world in a simple and concise manner. A description that will show you from a unique and consistent angle. You will use it as an independent element to summarize the content developed below.

You should never lose sight of the fact that you will also be read by professionals and experts. Also, you will avoid boilerplate expressions like “the best artist” or “practicing since my earliest childhood”. Indeed, they bring little significance to your work.

For it is towards him that you will have to direct your writing. And not, around your person. Through your note, you encourage a potential audience to enter your cosmos. Also, avoid spreading your life out, you would only discourage people who are willing to grant you their kindness.

Then comes the background text

Once this step has been taken, the next step is to develop your proposal. Here, you will not fail to deploy arguments depicting the meaning and direction of your production. Where your inspiration comes from (not necessarily which artists influence you) and what you are trying to convey.

You will discuss the impressions you have desired to create in your accomplishments by all their parameters. Again, you will need to determine the percussion of your rhetoric. For you will have to keep the gaze of your curious while reminding yourself that you cannot keep it too long.

Think that the competition is great and that zapping from one to the other is easy. Also, if you let a perception of boredom set in, don’t count on the clemency of Internet users. You will only spread your text over a length of 200 to 300 words so that it can be read in just 2 minutes. Don’t overdo it. Don’t overplay. You will feel it immediately.

Stay natural and clear. As fluid and clear as a river. Also keep up to date with the latest news about you so that you can offer a meeting opportunity that people won’t miss.

In addition, if you benefit from it, you can judiciously place a quote placed by someone with a certain notoriety. This will support your impulse in a consistent manner. Of course, avoid mentioning a neighbour, as this will discredit you more than anything else.