Covid 19: How do you generate income through crowdfunding when you’re an artist?


Crowdfunding is a strategy of financing that has been widely used in recent years.  Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds from a large number of donors wishing to participate in a specific project or to support an artist for his or her talent. For an artist, this could be the best way to finance himself during the Covid 19 period.

If well conducted, a Crowdfunding campaign can generate significant revenue. We explain how to do this in a few steps.

Knowing and understanding your fanbase

The success of your Crowdfunding campaign depends above all on the willingness of your fans to follow you and participate in your project.

If nobody wants to be part of the project, the campaign is doomed to fail. So take the time to get to know and understand your fanbase before you start. Try to find out how many of them there are, how many come to your shows or concerts, how many are willing to listen to your music, what they expect from you…

The better you understand your fanbase, the more likely your crowdfunding campaign will have a chance to achieve its goals. And of course, your goals will have to match the data you’ve collected about your fans.

Choosing the right Crowdfunding platform

Above all, choose a platform related to the art you practice and that allows crowdpromoting as proposed by

If you are an artist, create your free account on to create tracked links that you can share via your social networks, newsletter, on your website…

Your fans, by sharing your links, will also get a part of your earnings, a percentage that you will set between 0% and 50%, enough to motivate your community!

Offer something when promoting Crowdpromoting!

Fans will be looking for something to get. Supporting you over time while earning money is a fair solution for you and your fans, because everyone will benefit.

Promote effectively about the campaign

In order for your crowdfunding campaign to be successful, it is important to promote it from start to finish. You will therefore need to communicate continuously with your fans.

This can be done via pitch videos, photos, album excerpts… Don’t forget to stay connected on social networks and on your official website.

Your fans would like to hear from you and would like to be informed about the evolution of the campaign and the project, for example, the recording of a new track.

So take the time to inform contributors about the budget calculation, the progress of your art project, your calendar… The more they know, the more interested they will be and will want to support you.

Finally, you will also have to listen to your fans. Be attentive to their aspirations, because they can become your best ambassadors.