Covid19: what help is offered by the government for artists?


The Covid-19 epidemic has strongly destabilized the culture sector. On the one hand, the productions have often had to be postponed, modified considerably, or even for some of them suppressed.

On the other hand, the personal lives of artists and their families were disrupted by the disease, the confinement or its subsequent consequences. In addition to the aid allocated to each individual and each company, specific support is offered to artists. Let’s take stock of these specific supports offered by the different communities.

General support measures for artists

The solidarity fund

Regardless of their plan (salaries and wages or non-commercial benefits), artists are eligible for the solidarity fund. This measure allows them to benefit from aid of up to 1,500 euros. It has also been extended until the end of 2020. Details and the procedure to follow are specified on the tax website.

The deferral of certain invoices

Artists who are eligible for the solidarity fund and who have professional or commercial premises can benefit from this measure. This involves deferring or spreading their rents and their water, gas or electricity bills. An amicable request must be made directly to the owner or supplier, invoking the official government decision.

Spreading of tax and social security debts

Artists can benefit from a suspension of recovery in all cases, without any particular justification. Whether the request concerns social contributions or taxes, they are invited to contact the URSSAF centers or the taxes they depend on.

Per diems

In some cases, artists may receive per diems, without application of the waiting period. The application is made on the Health Insurance website.

Sectoral support measures for artists

Strongly encouraged by the government, the organizations on which the various arts depend have also put in place specific support measures.

The SACEM relief fund

Artists in the music industry can apply for special assistance, and obtain exceptional copyright advances to be reimbursed later. Artists must contact the SACEM website.

Exceptional support for performing artists

Until 1 September 2020, the SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) has allocated grants of up to €1500 to artists in this sector. They had to get in touch with the organization and submit an application on its website.

The CNAP Emergency Fund

The CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) has opened a special fund during the period from April 1 to June 15, 2020, for visual artists.

Help for book authors

The Société des Gens De Lettres has awarded until September 1, 2020, grants for authors of up to €1,500.

Emergency assistance to audiovisual artists

The SACD, in conjunction with the Centre National du Cinéma, has been able to help artists in this sector. It was necessary to submit an application on its website before September 1, 2020. The aid could reach 1500€.

Local support measures for artists

A number of local initiatives have emerged to support professional artists. In particular, the regions and many conurbations have set up specific aids. Artists are invited to contact the local authorities on which they depend (town halls, departments and regions) to find out what measures concern them.

In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, specific support measures for artists have been put in place by public bodies. Whether or not they are directly linked to the government, whether they act at the national or local level, all of them have not been slow to set up appropriate measures. Each artist is invited to get in touch with the organizations on which he or she depends, to submit the requests for assistance that he or she wishes to benefit from.