How to use crowdpromoting by giving online music lessons?


Giving music lessons online is a very good vector for those who want to make it their profession, because after its online promotion, it becomes easier to promote it locally and find customers in person. You may also want to give music lessons, because you are a musician and in anticipation of success, you want to captivate an audience by giving lessons. And standing out in the incredible artistic buzz of the Internet is not easy.

Because you understand that talent is not enough, you have to pull the right strings of communication and digital marketing to see your efforts rewarded. Have you ever heard of Crowdpromoting? Discover this type of Crowdfunding, much more creative and probably more effective in the long term.

Broadcast your music lessons with the Crowdpromoting

You are probably familiar with Crowdfunding, which consists of launching fundraising campaigns on platforms to encourage the crowd to fund projects of all kinds. Crowdpromoting will also appeal to the sharing of the greatest number of people, but you will be able to engage your community, however small, to share your content, promote it and be able to participate other than by donating money.

To get you started, SupportLink is a very reactive and efficient Crowdpromoting platform.

Indeed, the sharing of content accelerated by a Crowdpromoting campaign can quickly make a video go viral, and if you want to increase the number of your students taking your online music lessons, you will seriously need to dedicate some time to create your own Crowdpromoting videos.

If you’re a music teacher, even a beginner, you’ll probably need to practice making covers, or even playing your own compositions. Promoting your music lessons by encouraging your contacts to share your videos doesn’t mean you just have to stay in your comfort zone.

You’ll have to make your fans, whether on Facebook or another social network, want to share your videos in order to get to know you.

You need to get them to click on the link that links to the Crowdpromoting platform, so that they then integrate this link on their page, and encourage their own fans to click to share in turn! This is what we call the snowball effect!

The real plus of this initiative is that your fans are rewarded! Because they will be able to earn money by sharing your content by getting a share of the revenue generated by their sharing, and the number of times this content will have been shared through their participation in this campaign. A rich idea that charmed more than one!

Tips and tricks to be successful with your Crowdpromoting campaign

You want to get started and share your skills as a guitar, piano or music theory teacher? You’ll have to be creative, efficient and above all make your fans want to share your videos.

Get to work and start by analyzing your audience: make small surveys and see what the competition is doing. And above all, stand out!

A music class is not only meant to trigger great vocations, but also to analyze the music, get to know you a little better, understand your background, and appreciate your joy of teaching!

You will have to create small videos where you can be seen working, rehearsing, developing a course, questioning yourself.

And don’t be discouraged, if some videos leave your fans speechless, start over, evolve, and keep in mind that all it takes is one viral video to change your life for good!

So be yourself, and share your enthusiasm, the next steps will follow!