You like to discover and share new talents, new contents. You are ready to get involved in promoting a video, an audio, a photo, a text, especially if your actions can be valued.

The Crowdpromoting is for you!

The Crowdpromoting is a social model that allows you to support an Artist, a Creator in the promotion of the content and in the monetization of his talent.

The Crowdpromoting is a business model that allows you to earn money by sharing contents.

How it works?

Here is a Support Link created by Thato Kashe. This is an http link* that directs to

  • a video in reading mode, to enjoy the content
  • a Support button to make a donation to Thato Kashe
  • a Promote button that allows the audience to promote the video


To begin

Create a profile with an email, it’s free.

Enter your name, add a photo, a banner.

You can Add a bio and especially the links that lead to your profiles on other social networks.

Here we go!

Select in your feed or in the search bar the talents, the contents you want to promote and use the Promote button.

Sharing a simple YouTube or Spotify link directly on your social networks loses some interest.

By sharing a support link, you participate in the content promotion, and the funding of the Talent. You will receive a part of the Supports $ collected in your communities.

For the Promoters-coders

For each support link created, the platform generates a promote / Support button that you can integrate on the web pages that you maintain, in your colors, to encourage your audience to support the talent and promote the content from your website, from your app.

The Promoter receives a part of the Supports collected on its website and app and participates in the promotion and the monetization of the Talent.

A QR code with the same functionalities is proposed to ensure promotion and monetization of the talent on big screen, poster and business card.

Your Wallet

To Support users, talents, the use of the wallet avoids recurring “PayPal” transaction fees and makes the use of the service free.

Your wallet can be funded with a PayPal account or a Credit Card (via PayPal).

Your assets made up of the Supports collected minus the Rewards paid and plus the Rewards received for having promoted, are paid to your PayPal account at your request.

Your assets are supports collected minus the Rewards paid to your promoters, plus Rewards received for promoting, are paid on your request to your PayPal account.

From your wallet, you can view all operations relating to the Rewards received and Supports paid.

Get involved in the Crowdpromoting to allow creators to gain visibility and monetize their talent when the public discover and enjoy the content.

Become a Promoter and monetize your audience, your ‘shares’, your networks.

Promote talented artists, talented content creators, they need to be more supported to keep going forward.

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