Hey your music on Deezer, spotify or Apple Music platforms: how does it work?


The artists who are present enjoy a privileged place because of the monetization of their music and this, whether they are independent or under the guise of labels.

To increase your chances of appearing without spending money, im giving you some tips in the article below.

1 – Verification of your artist profile by the different platforms

As a first step, it is essential to have an optimal profile on the platforms. The bio must be complete and must allow you to gain credibility in order to have a place of choice during the search results.

The profiles that are checked are always preferred in the algorithms: take the time to do this step very well.

2 -Take care of the image on your profile or networks

Your presence on social networks must be coupled with your presence on music platforms: get inspired by other artists to meet the standards and expectations of fans who follow you regularly.

You can develop an effective strategy to develop your image and make your music known to the greatest number. The content is essential so do not hesitate to devote time!

3 – Highlight the playlists that inspire you

Start by creating a database that includes influencers who hold popular playlists and then contact them to differentiate you significantly from other artists: stay very simple in your presentation and go to the basics.

As you can see, being present on music platforms requires more work than you think.  It is necessary to devote time to do things right and to make you notice little by little.