How to create an advertising campaign on Tik Tok?


Tik Tok, does this speak to you? Do you want to understand how to make an advertising campaign on Tik Tok? Here, we will explain how to start an advertising campaign and above all the necessary advice to make it a success.

Why make a Tik Tok advertising campaign?

Tik Tok is the social network that has been a hit during the confinement period, even surpassing, social networks such as, Snapchat or Instagram. The principle of Tik Tok is simple, make creative videos in a short format. Tik Tok sees new influencers appearing, hence the interest for companies to occupy this web space and develop their image. It provides several very innovative features, allowing to be very creative. However, making an advertising campaign on Tik Tok is not done like that.

If Tik Tok is in the infancy of digital marketing, there is a certain process to follow before being able to make a campaign on platform.

How to create a Tik Tok campaign?

For the moment, to benefit from Tik Tok ads (having the possibility to make an advertising campaign on the social network). You have to fill out a form and wait for the company to accept your application. You must therefore establish a project to be accepted by the company. Following this form, Tik Tok usually takes 48 hours to validate and create your advertiser account.

To know more about it:

Tik Tok has recently developed digital marketing, few companies use it. This is an opportunity to test new communication formats, the platform being very didactic.

What are the parameters to define to start an advertising campaign?

First of all, choose the objective of the campaign and its target, your advertising campaign must have a goal, according to this, Tik Tok offers 4 different advertising formats. Each format is adapted to the goal. Tik Tok also allows you to finely choose your target (age, gender, languages…), you will then have to determine it.

The distribution of the campaign budget

What you need to know is that an advertising campaign is possible on the platform from $500 and for a minimum of $20 per day. It can be done over several weeks, depending on your marketing strategy.

Here are the details:

There are two ways to use your money for the advertising campaign, a fast mode and a smooth mode. This allows you to choose how quickly you want the money to be spent. This feature is very interesting and can change the impact of an advertising campaign. The hashtag challenge, is a good format for a massive and short campaign (format very popular with the users of the platform) knowing that it is valid for 6 days.

Define the advertising spaces

Tik Tok can choose for you. He will try to find the ideal location for you to reach your final goal. You will then have to fill in the necessary information to launch your project. This step is extremely important, as it will condition your visibility. Internet users must be able to access your site, inserting links to a Landing page.

You have all the keys to succeed in your advertising campaign on Tik Tok.