How long before the release of your music video should a teaser be taken out, and why?


The release of a music video is an exciting event for an artist. But in order to make it a success, a number of strategies need to be implemented. One of these is the teaser. What is a teaser and how long before the release of the music video should one be made?

The music teaser

The teaser is the first announcement of a teasing campaign. The latter is defined as an advertising method whose purpose is to arouse the interest and curiosity of the target persons (consumers) by communicating a message in an incomplete way. In a teasing campaign, two or more teasers can be used.

In other words, with this technique, a single message or several advertising messages can be used to capture the attention of consumers.

Nowadays, teasers are no longer used exclusively for the release of films, as was the case until a while ago. Its role now extends to other marketing campaigns such as the release of a film for example.

Indeed, musical artists are using it more and more to give their fans a taste of their next musical release. Musicians are not only using teasers in video format. Even though this is the most widely used type of teaser and has a high engagement rate, it is still possible to publish a teaser as an image.

Why release a teaser before the music video is released?

Each music video is an essential element of a future album. So the success of your music video will necessarily have a positive impact on your future album, and even on your artistic career.

Moreover, releasing a video music video requires a huge investment. In order to be profitable, the video music video must necessarily be a great success with music lovers. That’s where the teaser comes into its own. Because if they are very popular nowadays by musical artists, it’s because of the emotion they bring to Internet users.

The latter are often very impatient to see the rest of the music video, or the release of the album. A simple teaser done correctly can also attract the attention of many other people and thus increase the number of your fans. That’s why it’s important to make a teaser before the release of a music video.

When should a teaser be released?

In order to successfully release your music video, the teaser can be released several days or even weeks before the launch. However, it is up to you to choose the ideal moment to start your campaign. If you release the teaser early, there is a high risk that fans will get tired of waiting.

Similarly, if you start very late, the surprise effect will be almost reduced. As a result, there will be less excitement before the music video is released. It is up to you to decide when to release the teaser. Also, keep in mind that a teaser should be simple, short and concise. To do this, make sure that the duration does not exceed 1 minute at most.

Note that Snapchat and Instagram are the two social networks that are perfectly adapted to video teaser. They offer video formats of 10 seconds and 1 minute respectively. What if you need to run multiple teasers until the day the music video is released? Be aware that your posts must follow a certain frequency. They must be regular without spoiling the excitement and curiosity of Internet users.

The teaser is a precious communication tool for musical artists. It allows them to announce to their fans the arrival of a new music video and thus to keep them in suspense until its release. However, the release date needs to be fine-tuned to capture and maintain the attention of consumers.