Music production: how often do you have to release your songs?


Nowadays, Internet broadcasting and music streaming has caused cassette tapes, LPs, singles and other compact discs to be bursting at the seams. Your music production cannot be absent from streaming platforms. Your audience knows you through Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube Music and so on. Music lovers will find all the hits from their playlists. They listen to their favourite tracks with a free first access.

Three formats to give rhythm to your music production

The title is a single, a piece of music less than 10 minutes long. Its ancestor is the single. The album is a collection of several titles (10 to 20 on average), also called LP for Long Playing Record (old 33 rpm). The EP, Extended Play “extended version” is the equivalent of the 4 to 5 track EP adapted to our time.

These three formats have their advantages and disadvantages and especially 3 different strategies are derived from them. They direct you towards 3 temporalities of action to release your tracks and generate the maximum audience. Let’s discover them together.

Impact with a yearbook

An album takes a lot of work and hours to make. With this formula, you have all the latitude you need to express your art. This is why you arouse in your aficionados an irrepressible desire to discover yourself every year. This implies taking good care of your media promotion (television, radio, press, blog, website affiliated to your musical universe, etc.), before, during and after the release of your opus, otherwise it may quickly turn into a “one shot” that is just as quickly forgotten.

If this is well done, you will generate a real growing cluster of followers. You should also contractually evaluate the platforms that can relay your tracks and highlight the cover of your album.

The objective is to take advantage of the networks and provoke adhesion.

Make the difference with a monthly single

We are in a century where it is necessary to attract attention to stand out from the crowd. Editing one title per month on streaming platforms associated with ads on your social networks is a method that will make you gain visibility. You then create a powerful link with your fans. This implies an intensive marathon work over time.

You have to be particularly creative and innovative without losing quality as the weeks go by. The listeners get used to boredom and quickly lose interest. This tactic is optimal if you show constant originality. By creating your community on a monthly basis and soliciting it via crowdfunding sites or prize pools, you consolidate your treasury for future compositions.

The objective is to develop your artistic singularity and to structure your financing capacities.

Influence with an EP to prove your quality

The choice of the EP is clever for many reasons: it plays the role of the photo book used by the models, it is a finished product and your CV as a music production artist. In addition to its utilitarian aspect, its profitability and its quality-price ratio, it gives you credibility with the professionals who will spread your career.

You can boost your personal branding by releasing an EP every 6 months or so. However, it must be of excellent quality to reap tangible results.

The objective is to deploy a multifunctional musical object with a great leverage effect.

The most complicated thing is to find the right strategy for you. You can also opt for a combination of them. The important thing is to stay largely focused on your content, on what differentiates you and what grabs your audience.