How to attract more people and fans to your gigs ?


Indeed, there are so many concerts planned in many cities that attracting spectators is a very important part of your activity.

Stage performances represent a considerable source of income and should not be neglected. You can use different ways to promote your concert: ensure that it is organized in millimetres, promote the event on the Internet and broadcast it offline.

Ensure a well-organized organization

First of all, you need to estimate the part of the room that would be able to participate in the promotion of the event, especially through the spectators’ websites and their ability to broadcast your events through social networks. It is also interesting to look for partnerships that your viewers have personally to share with you.

You can ask them to display your flyers in their rooms or in the environments they frequent. There are other ways to organize your event. For example, pre-sales with discounted tickets offer an attractive offer. The effect is multiplied tenfold if you partner with an artist or a group: each will have a role to play in attracting the public by joining forces. The ideal is to be able to prove that your event is unique, including personalized invitations, special tickets, a theme, a special occasion, etc.

Promote the event on the Internet and social medias

The watchword is: attract, but do not scare. Targeting the public must be done in a reasoned way on social networks. It is important to know how to target your audience, and not to disgust the event with intensive spam.

The event and Facebook ads are accessible ways to achieve your goals. Far too many artists forget other social networks and media in other categories, such as traditional websites. However, most Google searches point to a site that is not a social network.

Broadcast invitations offline

The key to success is the meeting. It is about making new musical acquaintances on the way out, but above all by supporting your curiosity on a daily basis. The search for new friends often leads, in an unexpected way, to collaboration, and even partnerships that can attract crowds to your concerts.

Don’t hesitate to contact professionals ahead of time either: they can bring you experience, and above all a valuable help to promote your events. Direct and personal advertising is a good strategy to know: you can approach your contacts with flyers, or even ask them to distribute them in turn. There is nothing better, in many cases, than word of mouth.

Finally, a close personal relationship must be established with the audience: your audience is unique, as is your concert, and should know it. Thus, if you send them personalized invitations to unique concerts (and therefore not too recurrent, at the risk of annoying the audience in the long run), they will be touched and will be all the more eager to listen to you.

Thus, the key to success is to work hard in all areas to attract people to your concerts: the work of promotion, organization but especially music.