How to install a WordPress plugin on your artist website?


Having a website is essential for the smooth running of an artist’s career. To improve and customize this platform, the addition of plugins is necessary. Where can you find WordPress plugins and how to install them on your artist site?

What is a plugin?

Still called extension or plug-in in France, a plugin is a module that contains computer files and that is integrated into a host software. This, in order to improve it by bringing new functionalities and thus facilitate the use of the Net surfer.

It should be noted that not all plugins have the same functions and that these tools cannot work alone. So for a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, you can use Yoast for your SEO or Askimet to protect yourself from spam. Similarly, if you have an online store to sell your merchandising, you can use a plugin like WooCommerce to enhance it. Whatever your needs, you will certainly find one to help you.

Where can I find plugins?

There is a multitude of plugins that are either paid or free. To find some, go to the official WordPress plugin directory.

There are over 55,000 plugins available for free. Some specialized sites such as CodeCanyon, ithemes, or symbioseo also have a wide variety of WordPress plugins available for purchase.

How to choose the ideal plugin?

Before installing a plugin, a number of questions need to be asked. Because some of these tools can have harmful consequences on your site, following a bad manipulation. First of all, you need to have a clear idea of the functionality you are looking for and therefore of the plugin best suited to your needs.

Then, you need to make sure that you are able to understand and configure it. Once you have obtained the answers to your questions, pay attention to the ratings (number of stars) received by the extension and take into account the opinion of Internet users. In addition, always prioritize a plugin that displays a large number of active installations and don’t forget to check the date of the last update of the module.

How to install a WordPress plugin on an artist’s website?

There are three possible scenarios when installing a plugin on your artist’s site and the procedure is different in each case. To install a free extension from the WordPress directory, simply go to “Extensions < Add” from the system back-office.

You will see the plugins promoted by WordPress. But if you are looking for one in particular, you have to enter in ” search engine for extensions ” the name of the one you are looking for or in English, the keywords of your theme. Once you have found the plugin you want, click on “Install” and “Activate”.

In addition, an extension downloaded for free or purchased on another site or in the WordPress directory must contain a Zip file. To install it, go to “Extensions < Add” in the back-office, then click on “Put an extension online at the top of the page”. Then click on “Choose a file” and add the zip file. Then click on “Install” and “Activate extension”. To install an extension via FTP, you must have File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software. To install, unzip the zip file of the extension, then connect to your server at the WordPress location and go to “wp-content”.

Last little tip, don’t install too many plugins on your WordPress site. Install, test and if you find that the plugin does not suit you or is not useful, uninstall it.

Many plugins installed will slow down your site and this will negatively affect the UX of your site by reducing its performance in terms of display speed.