How to make money with social networks while supporting artists?


What if you help the artists you like while making money?

To earn 10% of the media your friends will give to the artists you share, follow these steps:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Once connected, create a collection of content to select by discovering your member artists on
  3. Share your collections (your Support Link pages) on Facebook, Twitter, by email …

Your friends will be able to discover new artists and if they like and support the artist, you will receive 10% of each amount sent.

How much can I earn?

For example, after 2 months of sharing, you generated 350 dollars that your friends sent to support the artists.

You receive 10% of this sum, or 35 dollars for sharing and discovering artists, directly on your Paypal account.

What if you can not find an artist you like on Support Link?

Easy, invite them to register on https://Support.Link and add their works! Once this is done, it’s up to you!

Share the content of your artists on your social networks and invite your friends to discover new artists and support them!