How can I easily use Mailchimp to keep in touch with my fans?


Did you know that Coca-Cola currently spends more on content than on advertising? In this age of digital transformation, e-marketing is the most powerful tool to animate your communities. The average return on an email is higher and cheaper than traditional tools. Great news for you if you have fans you want to engage!

Looking for an interface to send newsletters to your fans? We have the perfect tool to get you started: What is Mailchimp? It’s an easy way to create and animate an audience.

A true CRM platform while remaining accessible, Mailchimp allows you to get started in the best conditions and for free. We explain how to easily use this automation tool with your fans.

Why use Mailchimp for your newsletters?

Your fans are your best advertisement. Yet it’s not always easy to keep a strong bond with them. It’s a long-term job to keep them loyal to you and keep listening to you, sharing you and coming to see you. Of course, your first concern is to make good music to create excitement. But you must not minimize the power of crowds. It is your fans who will carry you far and help to make you known. Hence the interest of a newsletter through tools such as It’s a great way to share your news and have loyal subscribers, while saving time.

The advantages of the platform are numerous. At startup, the interface is free. So there are no related costs as long as the results are not visible. Then this CRM tool is one of the easiest to use. A handling so intuitive that it is not necessary to follow a training course.

It allows you to create an audience, to keep all the data related to the fans and to automate the sending of emails. Basically, you provide the information to the platform and your message will be efficiently deployed to a large community. An even more powerful tool than social networks. More likely to be read and more relevant, your campaigns will have more impact. Animating a community, even of hundreds of fans, has never been easier!

How to create and animate your fan community with Mailchimp?

If you, like millions of users, are convinced by the interest of the software, all you have to do is get started. After creating your account, you will be able to access the tutorials. In addition to those provided by the platform itself, you can easily find other sources. Packages, YouTube videos and blog posts will guide you in your first steps.

For your first campaigns, you will first need to create an audience. This audience corresponds to all the contact information of your fans. All you have to do is gather them all on the platform and save the data. For a more targeted use, you will also be able to take advantage of the different functionalities.

Thus, you will be able to segment your communities: fans of your concerts, potential concert halls, new fans… A great idea if you want to send more personalized messages. Thanks to the formatting, images and other customization tools, the platform will help you to be more relevant. And therefore more readable and better followed! After your campaigns, access statistics to better track your results.

Intuitive, free and complete, it’s not without reason that Mailchimp is one of the most used emailing tools in the world. The music industry is not to be outdone. We can’t repeat it often enough, there is no greater happiness than sharing your passion. And this tool is a real relay to make your work easier. Closer to your fans, you can benefit from their support. All you have to do now is play the numeric keyboard this time!