How to use to track your social networks?


Getting traffic, and therefore generating sales, is the goal of any Instagram vendor. Instagram’s standard profile allows only one organic clickable link, which is not enough for an artist, an influencer or a brand in general.

You know very well that a user does not want to waste time, stays one or two minutes on your site and must find the product he is looking for. So a reactive Insta profile is not an option, it’s a must.

Do you dream of a call-to-action for every photo? With, no more problem ! by Later, to each post, a link!

The use of is more than simple since it is based on your own publications.

You will therefore have to choose the posts you have already published to create this link page.

You will tag products or add a product link in your publications, and will generate a page of your selection with links on a page with a link in your home page.

Whether you have an online store on sites such as Etsy, or a more elaborate store on Shopify, will be very useful.

A large number of commercial sites, but also blogs, influencers and artists use and have seen a noticeable increase in traffic.

The proposed design is very interesting, because very close to an Instagram feed, it’s a wall of thumbnails, and it can be compared to a classic profile page, except that each thumbnail is associated to a link, either to the product, or to an article, it’s you who integrates the link associated to the thumbnail so the possibilities are limitless.

It then becomes super simple to organize and promote your products: you choose the posts that best represent your products, you associate them with a clickable link that goes directly to your merchant site or blog.

Many pros, but some cons

The first advantage of is its great freedom of use and a visual that you master as a whole. Using your own posts is an advantage, because subscribers are attached to a visual they know and your visual signature is decisive.

The second advantage is reactivity. If you publish a lot, often, that you feed your feed and you need to update promotions, or to highlight a flagship product, it’s quite simple with You just need to update thumbnails and links, and the landing page is updated.

It’s also a very useful application for your blog, because each article will be able to be present on your page, publishing a visual, either different from your article or the same, for a simpler visual integrity for your subscribers. By clicking on the thumbnail, you send your followers directly to the article. The two-click rule that prevails in the world of digital marketing is therefore followed to the letter. exists in a free version, which is not negligible, because learning how to use it and using it daily will definitely increase your traffic.

A paid version, starting at $19 per month, will allow you to integrate Shopify links, a maneuver that is not possible in the free version, but it is an investment that is really worth it if you have an online store, so usually not the case for artists.

The cons, really minimal!

Speaking of freedom, it was indeed a framed freedom, because it’s a page that feeds on your posts, so it’s not possible to publish a thumbnail on your page without it being present on your Insta feed. This may create a slight feeling of repetition or Déjà Vu, but it’s a lesser evil…Subscribers like to be reassured, they like visual integrity.

The second constraint, if we can talk about constraint, is that you must obligatorily create a Later account, which does not imply payment, because the free version exists. So you integrate an application in addition, it is not an Instagram Plug-in.

But the advantage of this constraint (always remain positive!) is that you will undoubtedly discover other features of Later which will charm you! By using these tools, you will contribute to develop your notoriety and it will therefore be possible for you to encourage your communities to become your Crowdpromoter to promote you for free, a win-win format for everyone!