How to make a show on to Facebook Live?


The coronavirus epidemic took over many festivals and concerts in France. To maintain the link with their audience, many artists have turned to video streaming on Facebook Live.

Thanks to its large community of users, the social network offers the possibility to maintain and even develop its audience. You are seduced by the idea and you ask yourself, how can you do concerts thanks to Facebook Live? Here are a few things to consider before you get started.

Quality equipment for a professional look

As with a live concert, equipment should not be neglected, as poor sound can be detrimental to your music and your audience’s experience.

For a quality image, avoid using your computer’s webcam as much as possible. Instead, use an HD camcorder, a digital camera or possibly your smartphone’s camera (some have acceptable quality).

The sound quality is also essential since your music should make you want to listen to it. To make a quality live stream recording, a stereo recorder mixer or a digital mixing console (which you will later connect to your computer) are good solutions.

The installation of encoding software such as OBS Studio is also necessary in order to broadcast your recordings on the internet in digital format. (To find out how to use OBS, click here). Also make sure that the processor of your computer is powerful enough to support these manipulations.

Finally, the best possible hardware is of no use if the speed is not good. So make sure you have a sufficient internet connection to ensure a quality broadcast. (Tip: Favour a wired connection rather than WIFI and provide a backup connection).

Once you’ve installed all your equipment and charged the batteries of all your devices, you’re ready to stream video using Facebook’s Live Producer feature.

Playing a Facebook Live show

Streaming live video on Facebook is not the most difficult task there is. Simply go to the Facebook page or group you want to stream from and click on the “Start Live Video” button. However, there are a few tips to help you get the most out of your concert.

The first thing to do is to schedule the live show. It allows you to notify your group of fans of the date and time of your concert. This step will be the opportunity to create emulation around your concert in order to have the largest possible audience.

Before any broadcast, it is strongly recommended that you do a few rehearsals to familiarize yourself with the tool. The Live Producer offers you the possibility to perform test sessions, visible only to the band administrators. When you’re ready, you can finally start your live show (Tip: Start your live show a little earlier to give your audience time to connect).

Enjoy a privileged interaction with your fans, who will be able to react in real time to your performance thanks to the Live Comments.

When your concert is over, just click on the “end” button and enjoy a well-deserved rest.