Increase your fan base with contests and the Social Shacker tool


Getting new fans and having a furious desire for your Facebook page to reflect your efforts to make your promotion work even better? There’s no miracle, you know that.

Whether you’re a Youtuber, an influencer or an artist and you manage your social network pages on your own, stopping at the simple functionalities of Facebook or Instagram won’t be enough.

You will have to seriously consider additional software to boost your visibility and the loyalty of your fans. And here is one of them! SocialShaker, a software in its own right, which implies that it is not a plug-in to download, but a software in its own right that uses your Facebook connect to associate its services to your Facebook page.

SocialShaker, the must-have tool

SocialShaker is a powerful tool, and not so difficult to tame. The word software can scare the less initiated, and keep them away from a solution that will make their lives easier.

Don’t panic! This tool offers you solutions for each of your needs.

Organize a contest or a raffle, ask your fans for their opinion: you want to launch an interactive marketing campaign and you’re terrible at code, programming, or even nothing at all? SocialShaker is one of the solutions.

This software offers a very simple platform, very intuitive, and above all free with the basic functions. You will be able to customize your Facebook tabs, personalize your page and above all make it dynamic, propose interactions at a regular rhythm, and attract an ever growing audience.

It is a very interesting tool to develop your fan base, because you will be able to plan and test their efficiency in real time. Launching a marketing operation is always a challenge, because it is an energy-consuming strategy, and can sometimes turn out to be a real flop!

SocialShaker is a software that also pays, it’s true, but tried and tested by so many major brands and users. Deciding to pay a subscription for guaranteed success seems to be the right strategy. Take the time to discover all the features before you get started. This software can open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

What does SocialShaker offer?

You will have to choose from an incredible selection of marketing campaigns in the form of scratch, draw, memory games… The choice is so vast that organizing one game per month is definitely possible.

You will have an interface that allows you to follow the traffic generated by your campaigns, articles, editorials in real time. You will be able to cross all these data, because Socialshaker gathers your audiences from your Facebook page, but also from your store or blog. You control your campaigns and readjust your communication as quickly as a click.

SocialShaker offers games, but also allows you to alert your audience of your campaigns by facilitating the sending of emails, and by building with you a communication that suits you. It seems obvious that an artist’s primary concern is to stand out from the rest. Subscribing to this type of software may seem to some to standardize their communication. SocialShaker adapts its content and strategies to your needs. It is therefore entirely possible to stand out even by choosing a well-known game.

Subscribing to SocialShaker may seem a bit expensive, but beyond the fun tool to create games or polls, you will have a very precise tool to analyze your actions, the Analytics+ module.

Easy tools and options

And if you can’t build a satisfactory campaign with all these options, Socialshaker offers you the Turnkey solution. Of course, it is a paying service, but success is guaranteed. SocialShaker’s teams propose to create a game in your image, with your vision and your desires. The process starts with strategic recommendations to achieve an individualized graphic identity, and you don’t have to worry about setting up the game mechanics, SocialShaker delivers a finished product. Nevertheless, you remain in control of the game, you can follow the results on your interface and add your comments.

SocialShaker will become your unfailing friend in increasing your audience and building loyalty.

As you develop your fans, it is now up to you to involve them in your promotional strategy by inviting them to become your CrowdPromoter and thus continue to develop your visibility for free!