Spotify for artists, a much needed promotional tool


All singers/songwriters know that streaming their song on a Spotify playlist is one of the best ways to be heard and recognized by many people around the world as possible. The selection of “playlisted” songs belongs to a specific editorial team at Spotify.  Do you personally not know one of the members? So, you will have to use their new tool to offer them your future hit.

So that the editorial team can hear and integrate your song on their platform and later assign you to their playlist Spotify has opened the selection process to the coveted playlists with a tool available on the artists’ account: Spotify For Artists.

How to contact the Spotify editorial team?

Only one unpublished song can be promoted on the Spotify For Artists recording tool. Once you’re ready to view, sign in to your account. If you know the usual exit process on Spinnup, follow the procedure. However, only choose the release date of your new song by providing a minimum of two weeks in delay.

The proposed new title is validated by the platform and appears within 48 hours after it has been registered in your Spotify For Artists account. The possible release date implies its diffusion without passing by Spotify For Artists. The deadline for submission to the editorial team makes your future hit appear in the Release Radar playlist of your fans who can listen to it.

The essential information of the song is important

Fill in the broadcast language, genre, sub-genre, instrumentation, mood, and styles of the chosen song. If you play Jazz, inform the city where it is from. New Orleans for example.

The spinup stats tab will help you with this. Then, type a short description of the background of your piece. Be sincere and passionate. Describe your interest in the editorial team, your sources of inspiration, your release date and why this momentum. Finally, click Submit.

Do not wait for direct contact with the platform. Only the monitoring of your account Spotify For Artists will be able to tell you if your favorite song is finally in the small papers of a playlist of the platform.