How to use Tik Tok for your music promotion?


When we want to promote an artist or a song title on social networks, we often think of the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube circuits. However, you can reach more people in record time thanks to the Tik Tok application.

Followed by more than 850 million people, one of the most downloaded applications in the world, it has become the muse of young people under 20. Easy to use, it can help you become popular in just a few clips and a few clicks.

Following the classic path on Tik Tok

Today, we are always looking for what is new, what will surprise us. The possibility offered by Tik Tok is not to constantly create, but to highlight a part of a creation, new or old, and its creator at the same time.

Select a part of one of your titles, from 15 to 60 seconds long, with quality and motivating lyrics and melody.

Download it on the app, add a hashtag and wait. With a bit of luck, 5 days later, it will be seen by a user followed by 2 million people, and reused for a challenge that he will launch himself. Everyone who follows him will embrace your title and spread it to their respective accounts. And you will be known by at least 2 million people! That’s the ideal scenario.

The classic scenario is that after uploading your video, you wait for users to see it and “like” it. The more your video is seen and liked, the higher you will climb in the ranking and the more likely you will be on the “For you page”, the app’s home page, in the “Selection sound”, the sound library, and be seen by all users.

That’s why it’s important to work on your content, but also to publish on your TikTok account several different videos or songs in order to give choice and material to the musers, to build loyalty and to be noticed!

Remember to create a and add the link in your bio!

What about Tik Tok off the beaten path?

Because Tik Tok users include labels, publicists and other professionals. If you want to give a quicker boost to your visibility, you can use several services as long as you get your hands on the wallet.

The promotion of your account will go faster if you give money to freelancers. Find enough people who, for a little money, will put a like under your video, follow your account and write a comment.

You can get close to an influencer who knows the trends that work: they can create and challenge you with your songs; or if they have a blog, they’ll post your videos and comment on you. Likewise, a museum that has a great influence on the app because it is followed by millions of people: it would take your videos back for a few pennies.

So remember to take good care of your account and regularly top up your account to keep it in good condition. And to remain consistent in terms of image, share on your other networks what you have created on Tik Tok.

The latest news is that Tik Tok has a partnership with TuneCore which allows it to earn income when songs from artists already produced are used.

And TuneCore gives a part of these commissions to the artists, proportional to the rate of use of the songs. By creating your Tik Tok account, you can therefore, in addition to reaching a larger audience, earn some money on what you have already produced. All you have to do is get to work.