You share your talent, you want to make a living from it.

The number of videos uploaded is endless. Showing your talent, promoting your video clip to as many people as possible, acquiring a new audience, requires promotional investments that are not within the reach of all content creators.

At the same time, communities abound on social networks. The fans, followers, friends, groups, relations are countless. These communities are in search of utility, of commitment.

Involve your communities and the public in your promotion                                                                      

The Crowdpromoting is a social model that allows you to engage your communities, your audience in promoting your video clips and monetizing your talent, in other words, to promote your Video clips and fund your creative activities.

If, like the Crowdfunding, the Crowdpromoting allows you to finance your creative activities, it stands out by adding the promotion of your Video clips, your channels, thanks to the engagement of the communities.

How it works?

Here is a support link created by Mimirk. This is an http link* that directs to:

  • a video in reading mode, to enjoy the content
  • a Support button to make a donation to Mimirk
  • a Promote button that allows the audience to promote the video clip


To begin

 Create a profile with an email, it’s free.

Enter your name, add a photo, a banner and customize the color of your Promote and Support buttons.

Add a bio and especially the links that lead to your profiles on other social networks.

Once logged in, click on your profile Icon, choose Crowdpromoting from the menu.

1. The app invites you to communicate a link which leads to your TikTok video, then invites you to confirm the creation of your support link that appears on the screen.

2. Set your Reward Rate from 0% to 50%.

This defines the part of the Supports (donations) collected that will be given to the Promoters.

The higher the reward rate is, the more the Promoters will be willing to spread your content.

You can choose a 0% reward rate, in which case the use of the app will be completely free but the promotion incentive will be lower.

By using the Promote button, share your first support link on your social networks to encourage your communities to do the same.

Copy the links in your descriptions, your biographies. The presence of your support links on your social networks will establish their authorship.

Share your first support link with an engaging message :

« Participate in my promotion and share ‘the fruits’ of my success »

« watch, share and earn Money »

« Become my promoters »

And, here we go !

From friends to friends, thanks to the Promote button, the public will understand the interest of promoting this support link and the video will be broadcasted with a Support button that will allow the Public to support you with a « donation ».

Sharing a TikTok link of someone talented directly on your social networks loses a bit of interest.

By sharing a support link , you share the TikTok  video clip + a Promote button (for its virality) + your Support button (for monetizing your talent)!

When you create another support link for a new video, your Promoters and Followers on our platform will be notified and encouraged to promote you via personalized notifications and via their news feed:

For the TikTokers-coders

For each support link created, the platform generates a promote / Support button that you can integrate on the web pages that you maintain, in your colors, to allow your audience to support you and encourage the public to promote the video from your website.

This same button can be integrated by any Promoters-coders, where the content is broadcasted, with the same interest; For the Promoter, who will receive a part of the supports collected on its website, its app and for you TikToker, who ensure the promotion of your video and the monetization of your talent.

A QR code with the same functionalities is proposed to ensure the promotion of your video and the monetization of your talent on big screen, poster and business card.

Your Wallet

To Support users, talents, the use of the wallet avoids recurring “PayPal” transaction fees and makes the use of the service free.

Your wallet can be funded with a PayPal account or a credit card (via PayPal).

Your assets made up of the Supports collected minus the Rewards paid and plus the Rewards received for having promoted, are paid to your PayPal account at your request.

Your assets are supports collected minus the Rewards paid to your promoters, plus Rewards received for promoting, are paid on your request to your PayPal account.

From your wallet, you can consult all the operations relating to the Supports collected (donations) and the Rewards paid for each support link created, from the amount of Supports collected to the profiles of the supporter and the promoter.

Involve your communities in the Crowdpromoting to gain visibility and monetize your talent where the public watch and enjoy your content.

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