What’s difference between Crowdfunding and Crowd Promoting


Crowdfunding made its debut in Europe a few years ago. As the name suggests, this gathers financing by means of various sources.

It’s about collecting small to medium sums of funding from a large number of individuals or companies.

This increases the likelihood of getting greater funding compared to targeting one or two sources only. This technique was democratized with the rise of the internet, which allowed many sites to develop and to specialize in this area. As a result, a broader audience can be reached more effectively.

A range of Crowdfunding sites have sprung up that specialize in project-specific fundraising including artistic, high-tech, sports or even special foundation projects, as well as helping entrepreneurs.

Smaller growing businesses are also benefiting from Crowdfunding when they need financing to bring innovative products to market. The sum contributed may be in the form of a donation, an investment or a loan.

Crowd Promoting complements Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding was joined with this complementary technique, and both have very similar goals. Crowd Promoting is therefore a kind of “participative promotion” whose objective is the use of contacts to spread the word.

The goal is clearly to bring a community together and get their support. The purpose of Crowdfunding is associated with this practice since the final goal is still to raise a sum of money.

Generally, the person sharing the Crowd Promoting links gets a percentage of the money raised by those links.

With Support Link, your network of contacts will be your partner in Crowdfunding

The Support Link platform has been specifically designed to fulfill such requests. After having created your page on the site, you will have links or a button that your contacts can share on their networks, which will make it possible for you to start getting support.

Thanks to this you will be able to collect larger amounts of money with the use of the links. Your contacts will serve as a lever to reach people who are not within your own network and who otherwise would have been difficult to reach.

Their network of contacts are clearly the target of your Crowdpromoting campaign on Support Link

There is a benefit to sharing links. The fund generating links are rewarded 10% of the amount you earn to thank them for their support.

The win/win principle could be of interest to a large number of people with a large network who, in addition to publicly supporting a cause or project that is near and dear to them, will be compensated.

Create your page and start getting fundraising support from your network and their contacts with Support Link. It’s that simple!

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