Your social networks do not belong to you!


However, remember that their use is free which forces them to have to pay one way or another. It means one thing: your social networks do not belong to you!

Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network, it is very easy to open a free account in exchange for some information. To have a professional account, you have to have something to offer more, including a product or service. Their use remains free … but in order to use all the possible options, it will be necessary to take out your credit card.

On Facebook, 7% of your audience sees your publication

The reach defines the scope of your publication. For example, on Facebook, this one will reach between 7% and 29% of the audience of your page explains the site . Which means that if you have a page with 1000 subscribers, between 70 and 290 people will see what you have posted. The difference between these two numbers depends on many criteria including the time of publication, but especially the interest of Internet users during the first minutes of its release.

If you want to be successful, you have to pay

If you want all (or most) of your subscribers to see what you have just published, you will simply need to use the paid options. This technique is interesting for people or companies with a good communication budget in other words for large multinationals.

For artists, or simply for people with a lot of money, we will have to use additional indirect means to communicate with Internet users.

Nothing better than owning your contacts

The main interest of having your own website is to be able to manage what happens there, but most importantly to be the owner of the information that you could harvest through that one.

It is obvious that a badly referenced website has no use. But if it meets Google’s SEO criteria, it can be a gold mine that you can exploit at your leisure. The principle and therefore the opposite of what social networks offer.

A newsletter can be the real lever of your digital communication

The newsletter is the most important element to communicate via your site with your fans and/or your customers. It is, therefore, necessary to collect the email addresses of Internet users who arrive at you. It is rare to retrieve email addresses by simply asking.

That’s why we often see on the sites, quizzes or coupons that are offered against your subscription to the newsletter. This is a good technique that can interest users in the medium or long term on what you have to offer. It will be important then to produce quality content to keep the attractiveness of your new members.

This is how you will be able to create a strong and responsive fan base.

But be careful, because once you have collected a lot of email addresses, it will have to arouse their interest constantly. Because the law allows them to unsubscribe at any time with a simple click …